Our Story

TechDoc has been founded in 2006. What started as a curiosity, led to a hobby, and later into a company.

We have accumulated over 15+ years of professional experience in Information Technology (IT), Telecommunication, and Networking fields. Our engineers are educated with university degrees in: Master of Information System Management, Bachelor of Science in Network & Communication Management, Associate of Applied Science in Network Systems Administration, etc. We have also attained a number of industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CompTIA and others. We are partners with leading industry organizations and are actively involved in the IT community.

TechDoc engineers always been very dedicated and detail oriented with their work. We believe in the proper way of resolving a problem, permanently. We treat every system, every piece of equipment as we would our own. We work on every project like we are doing it for ourselves. We work efficiently while also considering the necessity for long term reliability and functionality.

TechDoc's ultimate goal is to have our clients to experience satisfaction and peace of mind after our work is complete.