Our Story

Hello, my name is Alex Cher and I am the founder and the chief technician of TechDoc. Technology and computers have always been my passion and joy, ever since I can remember. What started as a curiosity, led to a hobby, and later into a lifelong career. I have a thirst for information, I enjoy learning how things work, and most of all I love fixing them if they don't.

I have accumulated over 10 years of professional experience in Information Technology (IT), Telecommunication, and Networking fields. I have attaining several university degrees: Master of Information System Management (with Concentration in Information Security), Bachelor of Science in Network & Communication Management, plus Associate of Applied Science in Network Systems Administration. I have also attained a number of industry certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, CompTIA and others.

I have always been very dedicated and detail oriented with my work. I believe that there are multiple ways of solving any problem. There are "quick fixes", there are the "temporary fixes", and there are also "cheap fixes". I don't believe in either of the aforementioned - instead I believe in the "proper fix", the right way of resolving a problem. I treat every system, every piece of equipment as I would my own; I look at each problem as I am solving it for myself; I am efficient, while considering the necessity for long term reliability and functionality.

The feeling that I want my clients to experience after I am done with my work is - "satisfaction and peace of mind". This is my ultimate goal and the motto of TechDoc.

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